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Patient: Hi, how long should I wait between starting a new line of treatment for parasites being treated with Mebendazole but now will be treated with metronidazole antibiotics? I have just finished taking my second dose of mebendazole or ovex and would like to start a new line of treatment with mebendazole antibiotics.

Symptoms: Itchy, inflamed genitalia.

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query, albeit catchy.Noted that you have just finished taking your second dose of Mebendazole, an d now will be treated with Metronidazole. Your symptoms are itchy and inflamed genitalia.The drug interaction between these is very rarely noted in the literature, although not seen in practical experience.Yet you can follow your Doctor’s prescription.Please tell me what is advised by your Doctor, the investigations if any done, and the symptoms/diseases that your are being treated for so that I can guide your further as the dosage for Mebendazole is from a single tablet to twice a day for 3 days. Which schedule is advised for you.Also please let me know the reasons for Metronidazole.Since you have just finished taking second dose of Mebendazole how many more dosages have been advised and when are you asked to start Metronidazole.This is to avoid any confusion.Awaiting for your feedback, so that I can assist you further.

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Patient: I was prescribed metronidazole for Bacterial Vaginitis a one week course of metronidazole due to symptoms of fishy discharge and inflammation and soreness of urethra. A full STD test was also conuducted and came back clear. So was prescribed metronidazole. However, a family member was diagnose with roundworm and so the whole family took mebendazole as to prevent reinfection. The treatment was two doses of 100mg mebendazole, 14 days between each dose. Could it be possible that my symptoms was from contracting roundworm or from the actual BV?

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback, clearing the history well.
Mebendazole was given for avoiding re-infestation as a family member was diagnosed to have roundworm and you have just finished the second dose.
Metronidazole has been given for fishy discharge and soreness of urethra.
This mean that you have taken a single tablet of Mebendazole as a second dose.
This medicine is least absorbed from the intestine and you have taken only a single tablet. Theoretically this will wash out of the body in a day hence you can start with Metronidazole after a gap of one day.
Your symptoms are suggestive of BV. Take proper dosages and complete the course under the guidance of your Gynecologist.
All the best. Take care.
Simultaneous course by your Partner helps a lot for cure and avoidance of recurrence, take probiotics, have proper local hygiene that your Gynecologist will explain to you the best.
I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to ask for any further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

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