Hi, I ain’t got the Implanon in my arm when

Patient: Hi, I ain’t got the Implanon in my arm when I had my son after I hit my son in 2012 I just a little out recently march of 2015 for the last two weeks I have been experienced in sleep depression so man up in a little bit of cramping I thought I was pregnant I have a black line on my stomach but yet I just started the I can’t wait is heavy I just don’t know what to do could I be pregnant or was that just giving me signs that my period was coming on please help me

Symptoms: Sleeping throwing up headaches oain in the back in the nipples

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is a possibility of conception with the history you have given and the symptoms t hat you have been experiencing.Kindly consult a gynecologist for an examination and an ultrasound and beta hCG blood test to rule out pregnancy rather than staying doubtful.Hope this helped.Regards