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Hi i am 20 years old i had sex first time.

Patient: Hii am 20 years oldi had sex first time but with protection with condomand also i am living with my friends as i am student so i am sharing all things with themfrom a week i am having 2 main bumps and many tiny bumps on my outer skin of my penis which are very itchy and also my thighs and lower stomach are is also very itchyplease tell that what it isis it an std or some infections?



Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The fact that you have developed bumps over your groin region and your thighs, it is likely that you may contracted herpes genitals from your partner even though condoms were used, possibly through the contact of sexual fluids over the genital area.This can be contagious for your friends if its a hsv 2 virus. It would be appreciated if you can send a picture of the lesions for a better opinion and guidance.Regards



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Patient: these are my lesions
i am so much worried because we did sex for just 30 secs and it is seeming such disease
please tell that exactly it is and how to cure it
my thighs and lower stomach are also becoming very itchy and my bumps dont seems like genital herps yet
please tell me how to cure this thing
this itchiness is not permanent but happens most of time
itchiness also occurs on my legs and other parts of body too but identical bumps are on penis
is it genital herpes for sure ??

Doctor: no, these are not typical genital herpes lesions but form a mix of contact dermatitis , possibly you had a condom allergy and accompanied by a fungal infection as well which is spreading. please get a swab culture test done to ascertain fungal element and apply soframycin ointment locally twice a day presently till fungal element is confirmed, then anti fungal application can be offered.


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