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Hi I am 23 years old I have a girlfriend, she’s

Patient: Hi I am 23 years old.I have a girlfriend, she’s also 23. Yesterday we indulged in dry humping. She had her panties on while I was wearing a condom just to be safe. But during the process the condom slipped out and some of the pre-cum go rubbed on her panty just over the vagina. She immediately removed her panty and washed her vaginal area with hot water and soap. It was the 8th day after her periods. Her Hymen is still intact.And I had not ejaculated before this activity. So will she get pregnant? What are the chances that sperms might be present in the pre-cum?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Considering the fact that there was no intercourse involved and t here was a pre cum spill over the undergarment and not even on the mons pubis area after slippage of condom accidently during dry humping,the chances of pregnancy are minimal. They are further reduced with the fact that she had immediately washed herself with soap and water.It is to be noted that soap is an alkaline mdium and sperm get denatured or say rendered immotile after coming in contact with soap immediately.As the duration of spill and then the wash was less than 5 minutes, the chances of sperma in ore cum travelling into vagina are negligible.Thirdly, even though she was in her fertile period still considering the history and nature of act recorded, she would not get pregnant. So, she must relax and stay stress free as stress itself can delay menses most of the time and one may suspect pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query in detail and feel that there is no need either for an emergency pill in your case.Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards



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Patient: Thanks a Lot. And I loved this website. My girlfriend needed to read just that. She’s relaxed now.
Thank you!

Doctor: Thanks for opting for the service.


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