Hi I am 24 years old and my nipples have

Patient: Hi I am 24 years old and my nipples have been hurting really bad for the past 2 days, it is like a burning sensation. I’ve noticed they are a bit swollen as well. My period is supposed to begin soon, since I am a regular, but that has never happened before (the nipples hurting). I am not pregnant since I haven’t had sexual relationships in over 3 months and I have had my periods since then. I would like to know why could that happen and if I need to worry about it.Thanks in advance!

Symptoms: Nipples hurt and they are a bit swollen

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Are you on contraceptive pills? If you are, the estrogen in pills will cause an increase in the breast size and cause problems. This is why there is breast pain. You may find it advisable to change to a Progesterone only pill after seeing a Doctor. All the best. Do see a Doctor to confirmt he breast pain is benign.Hope this helps you.