Hi, I am 26 years of age. this month I was late on my period 16 days

Patient: Hi, I am 26 years of age.this month I was late on my period 16 days, when I finally got it I noticed that it was different from my regularperiods it was very light. Only when I went to the bathroom and wiped was when I hot a full amount of blood. On the third day I started wearing very thin pads due to that I didn’t leak at all. I have had taken a pregnancy test before I started my period but came out negative. I have been feeling back pains, cramps and nauseated. I really don’t know what is going on can you help me

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It is normal to have irregular periods in young adults. I recommend that you see a Gynec ologist and get your hormone levels checked. This will help you rule out any other causes.Also, if you are having a fever then you may be having an infection that is causing the irregularities. Hope this helps you.All the best.