Hi i am 27 year old male and have headache

Patient: Hi.. i am 27 year old male. In last a few days i am facing problem of acute head pain only at the left side of forhead. The pain is unbearable. I have to work on pc for at leadt 5-6 hours. The pain starts at afternoon or in evening. I don’t know its migrain or not. Some time i get vertigo also Pls suggest me what should i do and what kind of medicine i should take.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The pain in the left side of the forehead on a specific time say after work on PC with ve rtigo sometimes needs proper evaluations.We call this as pointed pain / headache.As per the history you have provided, you need to undergo specific tests and consultations.- MRI of the brain and sinuses.- Consultation of a Neurologist / ENT / Ophthalmologist to confirm or rule out the causes and have proper treatment accordingly. This is important as finding the causes is the key to successful treatment.I hope this answer helps you