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Hi I am 27 years old and I have below

Patient: Hi I am 27 years old and I have below normal HCL and high trigllycerides. I had some medication early on, It did work but after doctors reccomendation I reduced it to half and now my reports are back to where I started. I need special guidance from another doctor.I have been an athlete in my university days but after graduation I had no physical activity including no walking and than I started to feel weak by climbing stairs, get tired even before work hours ended so I decided to take some tests.1st December 2014Liver Function Test (All normal)Uric Test 7.3 (Above Normal 3.5-7 is normal range)Blood Complete Examination (All normal except Platelets 145 normal range 150-400)Glucose Fasting 101 (Above normal 70-100 normal range)Lipid ProfileTriglycerides 335 (Above normal 80-150 normal range)Cholesterol 159 (Normal)HDL-Cholesterol 21 (Below Normal 35-55 normal range)T.Chol/HDL Ch.ratio 7.6 (Above Normal less than 5 is normal)After this test, he asked me to takeFenoget 200 mgRosubar 10 mgBoth of them daily 1 tabletMoreover he asked me to walk daily empty stomach in morning and eat walnut and almonds and olive oil in breakfast. I took this all very seriously and than good results came17 February 2015Lipid ProfileTiglycerides 120 (Normal)Cholesterol 109 (Normal)HDL-Cholesterol 29 (below normal)LDL Cholesterol 56 (Normal)T.Chol/HDL Ch.Ratio 3.8 (normal)Liver function test (all normal)Uric acid (normal)After looking at this report the doctor asked me to repeat all my walk and food routine except reducing the medicineFenoget 200 mg (2 times a weekRosubar 5 mg (instead of 10 mg but daily at night)I do confess I started to get a little lazy in medicine skipping once or twice a week as I thought I recovered well. I also masterbated a few times in a month (mentioning if that could affect any result). I also ate some food from resturaunts and cafes which my doctor previously asked me not to eat at all. Hence my reports didnt came out good but infact I was not expecting such bad results.1 May 2015Platelets (Normal)ESR 15 (Above Normal 0-10 is normal range)Lipid ProfileGlucose Fasting 99 (Normal)Triglycerides 231 (Above Normal)Cholesterol 177 (Normal)HDL Cholesterol 23 (Below Normal)LDL Cholesterol 108 (Normal)T.Chol / HDL Ch.ratio 7.7 (Above normal)Uric Acid 7.4 (Above Normal)Now my doctor wants me to repeat my early medicine routineFenoget 200 mgRosubar 10 mgBoth daily for another 45 daysPlease let me know why is my result coming this way. I am walking daily early in morning, not eating that much from outside and I still feel weak. I am just 27 years old guy and this should not be happening to me. Please advice what should I be doing.Regards,Ammar



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and self explanatory and an elucidate history,To recapitulate: Young male/27 – was athl ete in University days – left exercises and started sedentary life-style – started feeling weakness and tiredness – so decided to take some tests – reports seen – dyslipidemia (Triglycerides 335 (Above normal 80-150 normal range) Cholesterol 159 (Normal) HDL-Cholesterol 21 (Below Normal 35-55 normal range) T.Chol/HDL Ch.ratio 7.6 (Above Normal less than 5 is normal) – with raised uric acid, platelet and sugar just deranged – Doctor’s advise of Fenoget 200 mg Rosubar 10 mg Both of them daily 1 tablet Moreover he asked me to **walk daily empty stomach in morning and eat walnut and almonds and olive oil in breakfast . – review on 17 February 2015 > all normal except HDL-Cholesterol 29 (below normal) – medicines’ doses reduced – you did miss more than asked, took foods outside , Masturbated – 1 May 2015 reports- deranged tests again -Wants to know the ”why” is this happening and what should be done…Your history has said it all > The changes in medicine doses, restaurant foods, and less than desired physical activities.I would advise you the following:- Get back to rigorous physical activities, a bit more than what you are doing.- Diet control of the oily foods and outside foods.- Take Fenoget 200 mg Rosubar 10 mg Both of them daily 1 tablet for 45 days as advised.Since you are young, you can certainly manage this very very easily, with a man of athletic background.But somehow I have a feeling that your Doctor should have a still better clinical evaluation and few more tests after physical examination to decide that there is no other reason for your tiredness and weakness.Masturbation has nothing to with the present problem, hence no more discussion on this.I hope this answer helps you to get a proper guidance and get a proper further treatment. Please feel free to ask for more if you need to or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.



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Patient: Also please guide me if there are any side affects of
Fenoget 200 mg
Rosubar 10 mg

Doctor: Both the medicines as such are quite safe, and you have already taken them.
Have you noted any side effects that started after taking these medicines since December 2014.
There is a long list of side effects and is easily available on the internet, please google it. If you have any such symptoms that started after taking these medicines please discuss with your Doctor.
If you read on the internet, everything looks to be related.
Hence the rule is whether you have developed anything after taking these medicines, if not do not worry.
This is the need that you should control your problems by a well balanced diet and increase in exercises.
Please feel free to ask any further relevant query.
Take care and get started, you are so young with athletic background, you can do it.


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