Hi i am 27 yr old female i have urinary

Patient: Hi. i am 27 yr old female. i have urinary retention problem for the last two yrs. it all started when once bathing i got some liquid soap inside my vagina accidently. few days later i got my first( n so far d last) vaginal yeast infection. at that time i knew nothing about vaginal infections n was too shy to ask anyone abt it. so did nothing to treat it bt it eventually got ok after my periods. however after few months i realised i was not able to pass out urine completely. i did not take the problem seriously for several months as it was not very severe at that time and also because some one told me it was normal and would get ok after some time. ofcrs it was very careless n irresponsible of me. n few months bk it got unbearable. i visited a urologist. according to my urine test there was presence of yeast cells in my urine. apart from dat everything else was absolutely normal. my KUB ultrasound was also normal. my urologist prescribed me some antibiotics which i took for almost a month continuously bt it didnt help so i stopped taking dem. i did sum google reasearch on my own and found out that doctors usually prescribe antifungal fluconazole tablets for yeast infections. i started taking d tabs. it worked on d first two days bt after dat it didnt help either. i still continued taking dem at regular intervals bt in vain. my condition is still d same. i dont feel any kind of pain or inflammation bt still i am not able to pass out urine completely. i can feel that my bladder gets empty bt i always feel some urine left inside urethra. i try to relax myself while urinating bt it doesnt help much. a very little amount of urine dribbles out. i feel extreme discomfort and uneasiness inside the urethra throughout the day. i hav to keep my muscles contracted most of the time. sometimes i feel dat urine would leak out if i’ll relax my body. i have to be careful all d time about the way i sit. and worst of all i cannot sleep easily because of the uneasiness. i want to know what is blocking my urethra.i recently read something abt a condition called urethral stricture and that untreated UTI’s can be one of its cause. bt i also read dat dis condition is very rare in women. still is it possible that i hav d same prob since i did not get the treatment for yeast infection in my early stage?what are the tests to scan a urethra?does a KUB test also scan urethra? please help.