Hi I am 29 year old indian but I have a small penis

Patient: HiI am 29 year old indian … but I am very disappointed for my sexual organ … wen i date with my girlfriend , she laugh at me and told ur penis is small like a baby .. its only about 4 inch length 2.8 inch width … Please advise me to get my confidence I also come very soon…I am really afraid to get married now

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The problem about the size, early ejaculation and the psychological depression is all rel ative until you know the facts.The size of the fully erectile penis of 3 and half inches are longer is perfectly withing the normal range and can be fully satisfying for you and your sexual partner / wife.If you keep in mind that this is wrong then no one can help you.You can try to have normal sexual practices again, getting fully involved in the sexual activity and you may not face any problem at all. Try this and it is possible that your girlfriend may also enjoy equally well. Length of the penis has not much importance as far as sexual pleasure is considered.Secondly you can always consult a Urologist for clinical evaluation, physical examination, counselling and investigations as advised.This may further clarify many of the misconceptions you have.I am afraid to say how can you have the pleasure with a girlfriend who is laughing at you, and the size of the penis. You have not told about the sexual experience for us to help you more.Do not be under misconceptions, have proper understanding in consultation of a Sexologist or a Urologist and you will be fine and they would advise you further about the processes if need be.I hope this answer helps you, get started as advised and your problems will be over.