Hi I am 32 weeks pregnant and today I have tightening of the throat

Patient: Hi I am 32 weeks pregnant and today I have been getting this tightening feeling in my throat. Like it is closing up then reopening. It’s very uncomfortable. It’s gotten slightly better then earlier this morning. My question is does it sound serious or am I just overreacting? Tia

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is nothing to worry as of now, it could be an indication of an allergy or sore th roat. Try warm salt gargles for 3 to times a day after meals and also chew on some lozenges with ginger and lime in it. You may also try steam inhalation and take a Cetirizine tablet or any equivalent antihistaminic to reduce the symptoms. In case there is no improvement consider an examination by an ENT specialist. Give some rest to your voice.Hope this helped.