Hi! I am 37 weeks pregnant and I been having

Patient: Hi! I am 37 weeks pregnant and I been having pain in in my cervix area and vagina especially when i stand and walk or if I lay down and little bit of pain and tightin in the abdomen mid and lower section and i have 1 yr old I had to have csection with because my cervix wouldnt open. So I got pregnant before my csection area healed and my daughter at the time was 4 months so now I gotta have a csection because its risky to try normal deliver. I’m just trying to figure what are these symptoms I’m having I’m I in labor or

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of your problem are:-Usually at aroun d 37 weeks the presenting part of the baby descends into the pelvis gradually.-Braxton Hicks contractions can lead to tightening of abdomen without cervical changes.But as you are having previous history of cesarean section with less gap between pregnancies, if you are getting repeated pain and tightening, better to consult your doctor once and get evaluated to rule out true labor pains.Take care.