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Hi, I am 39 years old (F), and was doing

Patient: Hi, I am 39 years old (F), and was doing some moderate house work yesterday. I awoke with a tugging sensation in my bladder area. It feels like I pulled a muscle almost & hurts when I cough. Could this be a UTI or is it possible I pulled a muscle? Never had this before. Thanks for your help.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The back ache in uti is often associated with frequency of urination being increased, v omiting, chills, burning urination and painful urination in severe cases. However in your case there is no such symptoms and it started suddenly.. There is also a predisposition to heavy work which could have triggered the catch. Apply muscle relaxants locally to the area. Do not massage vigorously and try hot water bag application over the area. It will come down slowly. May take a week for recovery. Minimize your activities until then.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: Thanks , I believe I have 2 more paid questions.

Patient: What are your suggestions for how to monitor severe vitamin D deficiency? My levels were 10 & I took prescription to increase to normal. I do take over the counter doses now, but my energy level has dropped so I think it’s low again. My mom & uncle deal with the same issue.

Doctor: Hello
Vitamin d supplements have to be taken daily along with calcium. Else weekly and fortnight doses are also available. Try to get enough exposure to sunlight especially at noon for 30 to 45 minutes. This will naturally absorb some vitamin d.
Hope this helps


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