Hi I am 45 days pregnant I am going through

Patient: Hi I am 45 days pregnant. I am going through medical abortion.after taking the first 3 tablets me and my bf had sex the next day.the bleeding started and after 48 hrs I was supposed to take 2 more tablets which I took and dr said that I would have severe pain cramps and bleeding.bt it’s been 24 hrs nw am not bleeding. There is discomfort in my stomach and am worried now that why I am not bleeding even after taking all the medicine. It’s already been 24 hrs pls help


Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Wait for another 24 hours and check if you have bleeding or increase in cramps.In cas e you do not experience any symptoms, or minimal bleeding, then you will have to see your gynecologist for an examination and an ultrasound to check if the process of abortion has been complete or any retained products of conception have been left behind.In case of any retained products, you will have to further take tablets or undergo a procedure called dilatation and curettage, kindly do not wait beyond 24 hours.Hope this helped.Regards


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto. He currently operates Infinity Health Centre, a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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