Hi I am 6 week pregnant advised Susten 200

Patient: HiI am 6 week pregnant Doctor has advised me to take susten 200 vaginally. How deep should it be inserted. I am worried if there is too much deep penetration will that cause any harm .Can you please explain how does it work since majority of tablet liquid comes outRegardsYukti

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query,A vaginal susten 200 pessary has to be placed inside the vagina into the posterior for nix ( deepest pocket of the vagina behind the cervix). the best time to apply is just before going to sleep on bed, as while lying the chances of it dribbling out of the vagina are minimal, so better contact time and better effect. It acts as a pregnancy support and help in better placentation at the uteroplacental level allowing development of a better blood communication between baby and mother’s uterus.I hope I have answered your query in detail, wishing you a safe pregnancy,Regards