Hi I am a 15 year old female, in March 2014,

Patient: HiI am a 15 year old female, in March 2014, I had chicken pox and i started noticing a very very slight increase in shedding of hair. Now, i had very thick and extraordinarily healthy hair (hair stylists used to cringe when i asked for a blow dry because i had too thick and too much hair),so i didn’t worry too much. Then in May 2014, I had bacterial pneumonia and I was treated with intravenous antibiotics. Right after my pneumonia, I noticed1. Excessive oiliness of scalp(my scalp had been oily but this was too much)2. Excessive dandruff as a result3. Appalling hair loss(this is March 2015 and I have 1/3rd of my hair left)4. Burning and aching scalp sensations that start if I skip even one day of washing hair.And now it has been 8 months.Is this telogen effluvium? Or AGA? Or female pattern baldness?Please help.I really need help.