Hi i am a 15 yr old girl and I

Patient: Hi i am a 15 yr old girl and I was making out with a boy and we did not have sex but his penis was on my vagina and he might have pre came and I was pretty wet and I’ve heard you can still get pregnant from that so anyway I was a day late of my period my breast hurt for about 2 days I was tired and my stomach still hurts. I was only a day late and then I started my period it was very heavy the first 2 days and yesterday it wasn’t heavy at all i only filled two tampons I usually take birth control for heavy periods but I haven’t been taking it for the past 2 months I have searched through the Internet in fear I may be pregnant because some people still get there period in early stages of pregnancy and I’ve asked my friend if she thinks I’m pregnant but since I didn’t have sex she thinks it’s very unlikely but the internet still says it’s possible so I’m very scared but again: I did not have sex, he only might have pre cumed and I am a virgin got my period but experience pregnancy symptoms please help!!!!!!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,Please don’t be worried and no real need to get tensed here. This is simply be cause as you have resumed your menses and lasted for 2-3 days and as the flow was normal, that itself confirms that there is no pregnancy as the endometrium has been shed off and there is no place for even otherwise fertilised embryo to implant and hence there is no pregnancy and you are completely safe.What you have been experiencing as sore breasts, nausea, headache, low backache, mood swings all mimic early pregnancy symptoms but they are premenstrual syndromic symptoms or PMS which is normal just before the onset of menses and in absence of pregnancy. They however start a few days prior to the onset of menses and can last for a week after the end of menses. So there is no real need to be worried regarding your pregnancy.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards