Hi I am a 22 year old. I bled brown and then bright red.

Patient: Hi my name is Emilia im a 22 year old female, yesterday morning i bled brown then an hour later it left then in the night it came back bright red and heavy like my period now today its not as heavy ,im also constipated And been having back aches these past couple days && really tired now , i recently had unprotected sex on the 15th. could it be possible im pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Your menses has started and it is not bleeding due to a possible abortion. The symptom s of weakness, fatigue, low backache, constipation, mood swings, even sore breasts are common premenstrual syndromic symptoms which are common during menses and usually subside after the stoppage of bleeding. So rest assured. However, you may get a urine pregnancy test or a serum beta hCG test done to rule out pregnancy and allay your anxiety.I hope I have answered your query,Regards