Hi, I am a 26 year old male 2 years in

Patient: Hi,I am a 26 year old male 2 years in remission from Cushing’s disease and two pituitary surgeries. As result of the second surgery, I am now replacing HGH, Testosterone, and Thyroid. I hate being on medication and dream to be off all three and live a normal adulthood like everyone else I know. I have concerns of being on them and have taking noteable measures to make the best of my situation. But mainly, I have numerous questions that are tough to get out of my current endo. I want to mention that all my lab results always come back normal, including ACTH and Cortisol.1. My face still seems to be quite red and puffy, nothing like it was from Cushing’s – yet substantially red with noticeable fullness/puffiness in cheeks. Even if all hormones seem to be normal – can the redness/puffiness still be a side effect the Androderm (Testosterone), Noritropin (HGH), or the Levothyroxine (Thyroid) medications?2. I have transitioned to a full vegan and mostly raw diet over the past year, with high hopes of healing my pituitary back to normal through good nutrition, while on these medications. Does it seem at all possible to heal the pituitary while it’s production of these three hormones is suppressed – especially while focusing on nutrition beneficial for the pituitary gland itself?3. I have become very focused on my diet, as well as fitness. I work out as often as I could and stay very strict with the proper routine and nutrition – yet I don’t see the results I strive and work hard for. It doesn’t help knowing I’m on numerous medications for hormones that affect the way your body regulates weight, fat, and muscle gain. Again, if everything my doctor tests for comes back normal, what could I be doing wrong? Is there anything else I should be testing for? I just feel like it’s been WAY more than enough time to see my body not only reserve from Cushing’s, but look even better than it used to, especially if these medications are guaranteeing normal levels of muscle gaining and building hormones into my body.4. Can HRT permanently shut down production of these specific hormones? I am concerned I will not be able to have kids one day and that scares me.As you can see, I am very concerned about being on drugs and not naturally making these hormones myself. I understand 100% my doctor’s if in fact the only chance I have at keeping these hormones normal and balanced is use of these medications, but sometimes I feel like she’s just doing what she feels is best medically and refuses to allow me to give my body and pituitary the chance to recover and produce these hormones normally again.Any help with these concerns would be amazing. Thank you ahead of time!