October 18, 2018

Hi I am a 28 year old male, about 137lbs

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Patient: Hi I am a 28 year old male, about 137lbs. I had some blood tests done and my ALT 60 AND AST 39. Alk Phos is 89,Albumin is 4.0, total bilirubin is .4 I have read alot on the internet about elevated ALT and AST. I do drink around 5-6 beers a day. I’m sure that is the problem I also eat fast food a lot. I have just started cutting back on alcohol. But I’m afraid there may be damage or something else.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history about 5-6 beers a day and deranged ALT and AST, these a re the liver enzymes released into the blood by the diseased liver cells, most probably as in your case due to the beers for sure.Cutting back to no alcohol in any form only can help you to get back the normal liver.You may please go for another test of GGT in blood and an ultrasound of abdomen.Stop alcohol and everything will be normal.

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Patient: Ok thanks. Just a little scared from the results. Goin to the Dr in a week.

Patient: Does this show signs of anything severe?

Doctor: This is definitely not severe; but in medical field something is present or not present, I hope you are getting my point.
The report show that there is abnormality, means there is destruction of cells most probable in your case due to alcohol.

Patient: Ok, I do get your point. thank you for you answers. I will be cutting back on alcohol, and hopefully become sober.

Doctor: Wishing you a very good health …
Have a great day .

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