Hi, i am a 29 yrs old women i have some problem with last month periods.

Patient: Hi,iam a 29yrs old women i hav some prb last month periods n this month i want knw wht happing evry month i has 5days periods bt sunddenly last month i has only 2 days nt so heavy just little bit only n this month also same

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Scanty flow during periods is called as hypomenorrhea. It c an occur due to many causes like gonadal hormonal imbalance due to polycystic ovary disease, stress and strain, weight changes etc, thyroid abnormalities, prolactin level abnormalities, hereditary, general conditions like anemia and deficiency of other nutrients, diabetes etc.Minor variations in menstrual flow can be seen commonly, so possibly your hypomenorrhea may get corrected in next cycles.If hypomenorrhea persists, better to get evaluated.General examination to access the built, hemoglobin levels, thyroid status, BMI etc and investigations like thyroid profile, gonadal hormonal profile, prolactin levels estimation, estimation of blood sugar levels and hemoglobin levels, ultrasound etc can help in finding out the cause of scanty flow. Then treatment can be planned accordingly.Take care