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Hi I am a 54 yo Woman and cannot

Patient: Hi. I am a 54 y.o. Woman and cannot hold my urine. No infections as i recently had major surgery and tested re-tested for any infection pre-surgery. My mother and her brother, my uncle both passed away from bladder cancer. What kind of tests would i have other than blood and urine?



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing in to us.The chances of urinary bladder cancer are there if you have blood in urine.Ina bility to hold urine is a less likely symptom of bladder cancer.Doing a test for occult blood in urine is important for you.Also, you can get an ultrasound scan abdomen and pelvis and a cystoscopy test after discussing with your doctor. If there is a suspicion of anything wrong in the ultrasound scan then you can get CT scan or MRI scan of abdomen and pelvis done.Hope your query is answered.Please do write back if you have any doubts.Regards,



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Patient: Thank you. I did make appointment with a good local Urologist. No blood in Urine thank goodness.
Beth Steiner

Doctor: Hi,
Thanks for writing back with an update.
Good to know you do not have any blood in urine.
Hopefully your tests should be normal.


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