Hi, i am a female 16 years old I recently lost my best friend. 3 days ago caught up with fever and fainted in sleep. 

Patient: Hi im a female 16 years old. I recently lost a best friend of mine also a crush about 3 weeks ago. I havent been able to sleep. I still cry about him everyday. 3 days ago i caught a fever went to sleep and apperently fainted in my sleep. Could stress or depressuon have anything to do with my greifing?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.Three weeks is a long time for the “upset state” to c ontinue. You could behaving depression as well. I would suggest you to consider taking cognitive behavioural therapy for depression. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a specialized counselling therapy. This involves detailed assessment of the thought process of the person and identifies all the cognitive distortions which are leading to depression. These cognitive distortions are then modified leading to a tremendous change in the way a person thinks. Ones a thought process is altered,it leads to a change in the way a person feels or behaves. Its supposed to be as effective as medicines and can be used for depression.Do meet your doctor and get a referral for a clinical psychologist.Hope this helps,Wish you a good health.