Hi, I am a girl, my age is 20 years,

Patient: Hi,I am a girl, my age is 20 years, and I want to less my wI use this pill “lida daidaihua” because I want to loss my weight!I used it for a month and lost 8 kilos of my weightBut I want to know when I use this drug or pill, Is causes me this pill disease in the future or will affect for me(like cancer or futility or anything..)What do you advise me to do, although I do feel comfortable when I use it because I really see the result on my appearance!!I want to know if it have serious aspects or the like, and what would you recommend me, to continued to take him (I want it for an extra month) or not to continue to take him?!I am worry because I used it without a doctor’s consultation, help me please!Thank yousorry about my incorrect language