Hi, I am a little concerned with if I’m pregnant

Patient: Hi, I am a little concerned with if I’m pregnant or not. You see I’ve missed my period earlier this month, it’s been over 2 week. Now around the time I was meant to get my period I got a slight bit of dark brown discharge now 3 negative home pregnancy tests later and no early signs of pregnancy I’m still worried if I’m pregnant?Please help me.

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.A brownish vaginally discharge when you are awaiting a period may mean a pregnancy or a n onset of periods. Since the pregnancy has been repeatedly negative after missing the periods, it is unlikey that you could be pregnant. Also you say that there are no symptoms of pregnancy.However, it would be better to get a serum beta hcg blood test done which is more reliable for identifying a pregnancy and then conclude about the pregnancy being there or not. An ultrasound may be needed. Consult your gynecologist personally if your periods don’t resume in a weeks time.Hope this helpsRegards

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Patient: What is an onset of periods?

Patient: What is an onset of periods

Doctor: Hello
It means you can anticipate your cycle anytime and could mean a premenstrual symptom