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Hi, I am a male and I’m 19 years old

Patient: Hi, I am a male and I’m 19 years old and I’ve got a question regarding something that has been happening to me recently that I can’t explain and would love if you could help. It’s been happening for just under a month now, well it’s been happening ever since I started to notice it (which I think could be part of the problem). Whenever I’m around someone that makes me very nervous or anxious I start to worry. However, I seem to notice a feeling particularly in my penis. It’s often the case that for some reason (possibly due to my anxiety or insecurity about my sexuality) I get this sort’ve tingly sensation in my penis. Sometimes it feels uncomfortably sensitive and other times it just feels like a very uncomfortable pressure. When I experience it, it makes me feel very uncomfortable and the more I focus on it the more intense it feels. I often feel it in awkward situations or inappropriate situations where I’m anxious or nervous about getting aroused by people I know I’m not sexually attracted to in any way and it’s almost a knee jerk reaction now where if I’m in an environment that makes me worried in that way I’m always concerned and being very aware of any sort of feelings or slight movements in the lower area of my body and I can’t help but focus on that area which makes it worse. It’s becoming a regular and uncomfortable experience for me and I feel if I could get some sort of explanation for why this actually happens it could help control it and it wouldn’t make me so uncomfortable and distress me. I feel like I do suffer from some anxiety related disorder but I’d like to know why this is happening from a biological/scientific perspective. Is it because I’m focusing on my penis involuntarily because I’m worried about what’s going on down there? It’s also worth mentioning that the tingly sensitive feeling feels kind of similar to arousal but not how I usually feel when I’m sexually attracted to someone and get sexually aroused by them (I’m sexually attracted to women). This feels different and is very uncomfortable and occurs when I catch a glimpse of someone or if I enter an environment that makes me nervous. In these situations I often feel my heart jump first from fear and then the tingly sensitivity sensation in my penis. Finally, because it’s so sensitive in this state in feels like if I accidentally hit it or rub it against something it’d get slightly bigger. I’d really appreciate if you could help explain what is going on here and why. Is it anything to worry about/is it normal? Is this representing some form of sexual arousal or is this because of my anxiety/worry? It could be nothing but I’d just like to make sure and get a better understanding of how my body works. Thank you.



Symptoms: Heart jumping, weird tingly sensitivity



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.This is indeed a very strange thing, b ecause normally meeting the opposite sex can cause a little bit of sexual arousal, in case the person is sex deprived, however, it doesn’t happen with everyone.I would advise you to meet a good sexologist around your area, who can examine you. Some people do have issues with arousal, but this is quite strange. I would also ask you to get your testosterone levels checked and also get a penile Doppler done, just to check if the blood flow to your penis is normal.Feel free to discuss further.

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Patient: Hi thankyou for your answer. Do you think what i’m experiencing is not sexual arousal or any form of sexual attraction then? Because usually if i see someone of the opposite sex its quite obvious to me if i find them sexually attractive and if i think of them in a certain way i can get sexually aroused. However i get this feeling of tingly sensitiveness when im more worrying about getting aroused for example if i see someone of the same sex that i don’t think I’m sexually attracted to but the worry about being attracted to them can sometimes lead to this feeling especially as i’m focusing my concern in my groinal area.

Doctor: It seems more like an sensitivity issue, and it needs to be physically examined.
Also, I have not come across such a complaint before.
But anyway, let’s get your testosterone levels checked first and then penile Doppler, would indicate the blood flow, which will give us further clue.


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