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Hi I am a sufferer of anxiety mostly related

Patient: Hi. I am a sufferer of anxiety mostly related to my health. I have been on celexa in the past twice before and it worked well. Came off it 3 months ago and the anxiety came back. This has happened twice now. My doctor put me on cipralex(recital open) this time saying it is a better drug. I know it is related to celexa in a purer form. I have been on it for 23 days , 13 at 10 mg and 10 at 20 and I am still having anxiety and not feeing much different. I can’t remeber how long it took for the celexa to kick in before. Is this typical? Do I just need to give it more time? If I did well in celexa should I do well on this one? How long do I give it before switching meds? Am I being impatient.



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Doctor: HiThank you for writing to of all I didn’t understand the your question exactly. “I have bee n on celexa in the past twice before and it worked well. Came off it 3 months ago and the anxiety came back”.I didn’t understand these two sentences.Coming to the remaining part of the question if you have responded well to citalopram once you have chances to respond well to escitalopram.Escitalopram has got both anxiolytic and antidepressant activity.The antidepressant effect starts after 15 days.You need to wait for 8 weeks to see the effect of the tablet.In spite of using the medication for 8 weeks if there is no response you can switch to other group of antidepressant.If you have anxiety you can start on Anxiolytics along with antidepressant.Please consult your physician or psychiatrist and start Anxiolytic along with the antidepressant you are using.Thank you

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Patient: Hi there. Sorry to be unclear. I have taken celexa on two separate occasions and done well it both times after discontinuing the medication about three months later I had a relapse of anxiety. So three months ago I came off celexa and now the anxiety has returned and this time my Dr put me on Lexapro stating it is better for anxiety. So up to eight weeks to determine if it is effective? So I should continue on and persevee. My Dr gave me ten days worth of klonazapam but I have used them and he doesn’t like to prescribe them longer due to their dependant nature I suppose. Is Lexapro effective for obsessive thoughts and behaviours? I tend to obsess about my health?

Patient: Also is that 8 weeks on the highest dose. I am on 20mg for ten days as of now?

Doctor: Hello,
Coming to your question, I think you are not using the medication for assignment period of time. You should use anti depressant for a minimum of 6 months of symptom free period.
20 mg of escitalopram is a good dose. He can even increase the dose depending on the symptoms. Escitalopram is effective in reducing obsession’s .If you do not respond event after using for 8 weeks there are other anti depressants that you can try.
Thank you


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