Hi, I am a teenager and I had sex with

Patient: Hi, I am a teenager and I had sex with my boyfriend on May 23. We didn’t use a codom for like three minutes and before he got the chance to ejaculate I told him to put a condom on. then he finished inside me with a condom though. last time I had my period was April 22 so Im supposed to get it around now. I was supposed to get it around May 20th and now it’s June 1st. is it possible that I am pregnant? I read about precum and symptoms of pregnancy. Yesterday I very lightly bled and then it stopped. just a little spotting. please help me Im so young and so scared

Symptoms: Tiredness, peeing a lot, light blood spotting but not my period

Doctor: Thank you for choosing Ask The Doctor.There is a chance of pregnancy. While using condoms, the chance of failure is about 5 % which is the highest out of any kind of contraception. I recommend that if you have sex on a regular basis, you can use pills to help you. Also, confirm the pregnancy by getting a preg test done right away. If positive, see a Doctor for help. Wishing you the best.Hope this helps you.