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Hi I am a twenty six year old male I

Patient: Hi I am a twenty six year old male. I have GERD. it really has not been that bad until the past couple months. I have constant mucus in my throat and I have to clear a lot. I want to know what are my chances of greeting asthma or pneumonia from this. I have a really good pulse oximeter and it says my spo2 is 98 if that means anything. Just had esophageal manometer done so I hope that reveals something. Thanks.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern about GERD, I can certainly help you with that.Severe fo rm of reflux is known to cause chest infection simply because the acid enters the lungs through the trachea, especially in the nights that’s when the muscles are relaxed. This is more common in the elderly and less common in young.Here is how you should go about it1. Continue to take antacid medications, when severe. I recommend adding on domperidone once a day. This prevents reflux into the esophagus2. Avoid sleeping immediately after meals3. Keep your headend slightly elevated with two pillows while sleeping4. Avoid bending exercisesI hope I was of help, if you have any further queries please get back to meRegards



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Patient: I have two questions. If my esophageal manometry test comes back normal then do I really have gerd? Second does gerd make you have asthma if you do not have it or does it just cause asthma like symptoms? Thanks.

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back
Here are answers to your queries
1. You can have GERD with a normal esophageal manometer, people with normal manometer can have symptoms of GERD and they are fine with treatment
2. Asthma is unrelated to GERD. People can have cough which might mimic asthma
I am sorry for the short delay in my reply.


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