Hi,I am an unmarried male 31 years i have been

Patient: Hi,I am an unmarried male 31 years i have been in many relations and have enjoyed my sexual life to full extent,but lately i realized i have lost that vigor as once i have sexual intercourse after that it takes long time for 2nd intercourse which was not the case earlier.Earlier i used to do around 7 intercourses in a night but now its hardly 2 times.I wanted to know is it because of Condoms or what could be the reason and also please suggest the soultion for it…Initially a year before after intercourse i used to get erection again after 20 minutes but now i dont get the erection after first intercourse easily infact i feel no life in my penis after first intercourse and it give me lot of trouble.I feel no life in the muscle around penis and scrotum after intercourse and it frustrates me.I request you to please suggest what could be the reason…Thanks

Symptoms: Erection Problem