Hi, I am currently trying for a baby I have

Patient: Hi, I am currently trying for a baby. I have been off the pill for 4 months now and have noticed each time I have sex I bleed a during and afterwards. Today I visited the doctor who said they couldn’t see anything abnormal and took swabs to check for infection. I’m just wondering if bleeding during sex can stop me getting pregnant? Thanks Laura

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually the possible causes of postcoital bleeding are vag inal tear during intercourse, vaginal endometriosis, cervical erosion or polyp, dislodgement of clot from vaginal tear etc.Possibly the swab culture and sensitivity report and ultrasound can give some clue regarding your problem and treatment can be planned accordingly.Postcoital bleeding itself may not decrease fertility but the possible causes like cervical polyp, endometrial abnormalities etc can affect.By taking treatment fertility can be improved.Take care.