Hi i am from lucknow kindly help me for read a

Patient: Hi i am from lucknow.kindly help me for read a TVS ultrasound report.pelvic ultrasound report-uterus is normal in size ( 73*49) mm and shows a large,hypeochoic,solid mass of(70*67*61)mm in size is seen in posterior and right lateral wall of uterus,pushing the uterus to left endometrium is 5.9mm thick and shows small amount of blood clots in its cavity. uterine cervix is normal in experience.A thick walled,ovoid,cystic,mass with a coarse reticular endocystic pattern is seen in right ovary measuring 33x26mm in size.Left ovary is 27×13 mm in size.several small follicles are seen in left ovary. cul-de-sac is free. Fornics are not tender.