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Hi, i am having a hard time breathing both inhale

Patient: Hi, i am having a hard time breathing both inhale and exhale with no other symptons. Not sure if its my lungs or throat.(Im allergic to everything under the sun also!) I tried albuterol helped some but not for long my Dr checked me out thursday said everything sounds clear felt no need for xrays so he put me on Breo for 3 weeks but after 3 days still no progress. I do suffer from mild anxiety. I smoke roughly 10-15 a day, Im 28 year ole male, had asthma as a child.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.First of all, since you are allergic to so many things, had asth ma in childhood, smoking should be strictly no,no. I hope you understand what I mean by.Also noted the history of mild anxiety, trying albuterol and breo as advised by your Doctor has not helped you for the last 3 days.Doctor has also checked you and say everything sounds clear hence X-ray of the chest not ordered.Hence the probable causes can be either of many factors like:- Congestion of the respiratory mucosa, hence both inhalation and exhalation are showing problem at the same time.- Asthma usually causes difficulty in inhaling the air.- Anxiety, this is subjective and you may be feeling just a mild form, but can create more problems.I would suggest in such a situation the following:- Oral Bronchodilator medication-Stop smoking altogether.- Examination by an ENT Surgeon for clinical revaluation, examination particularly of Throat and investigate if required.Steam inhalations and deep breathing exercises help a lot in some case s.- Trial with oral steroids is also important as it acts the best anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory medicines.I hope this answer helps you get the diagnosis and proper treatment .



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Patient: I forgot to mention i had a cardio workup about 1 1/2 years ago everything Good, and i do have Chronic sinusitis

Doctor: Thanks for feedback. Cardio work up was long ago, it is better to be get once more considering your symptoms.
Chronic sinusitis may add to the problems.

Patient: Ok. Sorry to be hypocondriachish(not sure if Thats a word) but now my breathing is better, but what step should i do first? Because i know as a patient i cant ask for xrays,cardio etc.

Doctor: It is OK.
As a patient you can always discuss with your treating Doctor and request for the investigations. Please discuss and request or the else get a second opinion of another Doctor; ultimately it is you who is suffering and need to be diagnosed and treated to get a cure.
Wishing you all the best.

Patient: Ok thanks, it does make me feel better that you dont really hear anything to bad/serious. But just for reassurance you dont think its a medical emergrncy?

Doctor: Medical emergency will depend upon the degree of your suffering, if is it difficult for you to breath, it is medical emergency and you should get a clinical evaluation immediately.
OK, you may please close the thread if you are satisfied with the answer please.


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