Hi, i am having pain in right side

Patient: Hi, i am having pain in right side of my abdomen,and to much gas and blowing. After eating .history i had two times helico bacteriapyroli and also have food intrololane.what should i take fir this? Thanks

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history pain in right side of the abdomen, gases and bloating, food intolerance and helicobacter infection in the past.Wants to know what should be taken for this.Since many of the medicines are prescription based and you can get only on a valid prescription, you have to consult a Doctor for a clinical evaluation, physical examination, to undergo tests of the blood, stool and urine, ultrasonography and whichever is needed.I would advise you the following:A 5-day course of an antibiotic active against intestinal bacteria, Metronidazole, probiotic, activated charcoal, multi-vitamins and other symptomatic and supportive medicines as may be prescribed.If you get a complete relief, nothing else needs to be done.If no relief, further tests may be needed.I hope this answer helps you.