October 19, 2018

Hi I am pregnant 19 weeks now I am planning

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Patient: Hi I am pregnant 19 weeks now. I am planning to do an air travel of 4. 5 hours to my home town next month when I am 22 weeks. I had an earlier episode of bleeding and sub chorionic hematoma of 8.6cm when I was 11 weeks but later on it decreased and in the latest scan that I had 2 days back it had completely vanished. Is there any concern/risk for my air travel? Now i am perfectly alright and has no spotting. I hope this air travel is completely safe for me, please answer..

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The time of gestation falls well within the safe category for air travel. Since you hav e had a history of subchorionic bleeding, you must be double careful. You can go ahead with the travel, but you must make sure your seat is comfortable and you have somebody to help you in case of emergency. Drink plenty of fluids while travelling.Wish you a safe journey.Regards

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