Hi, I am pretty sure I have some sort of

Patient: Hi, I am pretty sure I have some sort of anxiety related disorder. I’ve had a lot of things going on recently that have seemed to spike my anxiety to a level it’s never reached before (my grandfather and father passed away within a month of each other a few weeks ago, both had been in and out of the hospital for a month or so prior) I am looking for any insight as to what I may have and also wondering if the symptoms I am experiencing are in fact anxiety related.I am constantly nervous, shaky, dizzy light headed, nauseous, bloated, heart races, chest pains, my panic attacks have become more frequent- I used to know that certain things would trigger my anxiety but now it seems that the attacks happen for no reason I have even been waking up in the middle of the night already hyperventilating having a panic attack. I also seem to get like a head rush extremely easy at times that that never happened before (standing up from sitting even just for a brief second, it always happens when I kneel down- even if for a second when I stand up I get a head rush). I get that tingly pins and needles feeling or have my hands feet arms legs fall asleep extremely easily and quickly sometimes in a matter of seconds. Also my hands and feet are almost always cold, when I lay down to go to sleep at night my feet are so cold that my toes hurt, I’ve worn 4 pairs of socks to bed and even that doesn’t always help.It also seems that lately lots of things heighten my anxiety, being in the car is a huge one, Im constantly in fear of having a panic attack while driving but I also get panicked when I’m a passenger, if our car passes by a big truck I can’t even look or I will hyperventilate I have to close my eyes- this also happens while going over bridges through tunnels or if we are up high. My anxiety is also heightened just watching my daughter run and play out of fear she will get hurt, when she climbs at the park it scares the heck out of me. I also avoid crowded places or places I am not familiar with. It takes me a good hour to prepare myself to leave the house to go grocery shopping & while in the store I have to constantly nonstop talk to my 3yr old daughter to distract myself. When I start to go into a panic attack first I get a hot flash n then my vision goes funny, almost blurry & like things are moving when they really aren’t, then I feel like I can’t catch my breath like I’m not getting enough air, then comes the chest pains and the racing heart & shaking &if I don’t lay down and successfully calm myself I pass out. & lastly this is very strange but I get these completely random very sharp pains at random spots all over my body, they are sharp stabbing pains that last a few minutes and the strange thing is that I can pin point the exact spot where the pain is like it’s not just in my hand it’s “this exact spot” on my handany insight is appreciated, thank you