Hi, I am really fed up of all these symptoms

Patient: Hi, I am really fed up of all these symptoms I have been having with no real answer.I am 18 years old, I have a history of depression and have been on 100mg sertraline for a about year. I had previously been on fluoxetine.I have always had a very small bladder, I wake up around 3 times a night to go to the toilet, and whatever I drink seems to go straight through me. I was still wetting the bed up to the age of about 7. Not sure if this is relevant but will mention anyhow. I also have nightmares mosts nights.I have had very light bleeding occasionally when passing stools for a few years. A few months ago the bleeding became heavier and there were some clots. My stools are mostly yellow, and I am either really constipated or experiencing diarrhea. After having tests I had a colonoscopy to rule out anything. Very slight inflammation was found but I was told this could be from the procedure. Biopsies were taken but I am waiting for results.I have had a history of heavy drinking since I was young (around 15), and for about year would have around 2 bottles of wine every night. I have cut down on drinking and now try to drink one night a week.A couple of days ago I came on my period and had really bad pain, this lasted the whole day even when taking pain killers. I was bleeding a lot and the blood was very dark, there were some big black clots, this made me distressed but it eventually calmed down so I didn’t follow it up. I have never really experienced heavy periods so this is unusual for me.My main problem at the moment is the sweating. I am dripping with sweat from even the smallest amount of walking/moving. I feel light headed and dizzy and get a headache always in the left side (I am not usually one to have headaches either). I cannot even go to the gym anymore because I cannot keep up and the sweating puts me down too. I cannot do the things I used to do as I am worried about the symptoms happening.Any help would be amazing. Thank you

Symptoms: Sweating, light headed, headaches, dizzy, yellow stool, rectal bleeding, heavy period

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.com. I understand your concern.I do understand what you’re going through and since there is a multitude of symptoms, I would really appreciate if you can send me all your reports for me to have a quick look including your CBC, LFT, RFT, serum electrolytes, CRP, urine routine, USG abdomen if done..Also has your sugar levels been checked recently?Please reply and I will get back to you.Regards.

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Patient: Hi,
I’m sorry but I do not have any of these reports available.
My sugar levels were checked yesterday and were at 74 mg/dL

Doctor: Was an ultrasound or CT abdomen done? That is definitely important considering the symptoms you have.
I think it must have been done, since they would not take biopsy without it.
What did the test show?

Patient: Yes and nothing showed up that was a cause for alarm. I am still having the symptoms and yet the tests all seemed fine

Patient: I had a scan of my abdomen

Doctor: Did you get the biopsy reports??

Patient: I am still waiting for the reports, it was done on the 14th of this month. I am just getting more worried as things seem to be getting worse, mainly the dizziness

Doctor: The symptoms all sound like an hormonal imbalance and the bleeding part, we got to wait for the biopsy..
A detailed look at your thyroid, and cortisol levels will help along with serum electrolytes.