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Hi, I am using contraceptives for 2 years.

Patient: Hi, I use contraceptives for 2 years. My last period started on September 28. I started a new pack of pills on October 4th.On October 13th I forgot to take a pill (I’m taking at nights at 24 pm) and took it next morning (after 9 hours). To be on a safe side, I took an emergency pill on 15th October (after 26 hours; I know I probably should’nt have taken it, but I was very much afraid. I didn’t feel any side effects and there was no bleeding). I continued to take pills regularly every day as usual afterwards and was told to use extra protection for this cycle. So I abstained from sex from 13th October and had sex only today, on October 18th, with a condom.But at the end the condom slipped off and I am not sure if something happened (my partner tells that he did not finish inside me but I’m still afraid).It is the first day of my 3rd week of pills (and expected next period should start on 25th October).I know I messed up. What should I do now? Should I use an emergency pill once again? Or am I protected at this point?Thank you so much for the advice!



Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryThere is no need to worry. You have been regular for 5 days on the pill and moreover you h ave taken the missed pill within 9 hours of forgetting. And then on you have continued the pills daily. There is no need to worry about the condom slippage here. The pills you are on will protect you from pregnancy though you have delayed once. There is no need for you to take any emergency contraception. You must continue the pills as scheduled. Finish the complete package as schedule and awaiting your next cycle. Do a pregnancy test after a week in case you are very apprehensive.Hope this helps.Regards



Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Thank you very much! A few follow-up questions for my better understanding:
1) Could the fact that I took an emergency pill somehow reduce effectiveness of regular pills that I took afterwards?
2) I’ve been on a pill not for 5, but for 4 days including the one that I took later (I will take 5th only later tonight). Is it still enough?…
3) Do I understand correctly that I am now on a non-fertile time of my cycle? (3rd week of taking pills) ?(maybe this fact would also help me to calm down….)
Thank you once again for your help!

Doctor: Hello.
Emergency pills will not alter the efficacy of the regular pills. As they are also hormones having a similar action to prevent pregnancy. Also 4 or 5 days would not matter in you as you have not skipped a pill as such you have only delayed the pill by few hours. Yes, you are in your non fertile period where there is less chance of conception


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