Hi I am wondering if I am prego

Patient: Hi. I am wondering if I am prego or if anything else is wrong. My bf and I had sex on sun no protection but he pulled out and came nowhere near my vagina. Two days ago again but he never finished. Yesterday I had some spotting some pink after I went to the bathroom and then it turned to Beown and is fading now. I’m not due for my period for 3 weeks. Should I be concerned?thank you

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I do not think that you should worry too much. This is more because you need to think cl early about what to do next. It is almost impossible to think very clearly during this time. Here are steps you should take to confirm that you are not pregnant:Wait and see if you get periods after 3 days.5 days after periods or the date of the periods, get a preg test doneIf the test is positive, see a Gynecologist to confirm if you are pregnantTalk to her about how to get an abortionIn the future, use 2 forms of contraception like birth control pills and condoms to make the process more effective.All the best.

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Patient: I want to add that he is my first sexual partner and I just lost my virginity to him. Is it possibly the spotting was due to first time trauma to the vagina? Also today being more than a week later when I put toilet paper up there it is a little brown again. Should I be worried about an infection or pregnant ? It’s difficult waiting for my period which isn’t for another 2 weeks bc I worry so easily which is prob not good. Thank you