Hi I believe I have an allergic reaction to latex

Patient: Hi I believe I have an allergic reaction to latex condoms I have had it before my primary doctor ran some tests and all the tests came out clearI had told my doctor how I noticed I only get the reaction when I am sexually active and use condoms and I was told that its not an allergic reaction… so my doctor treated me and prescribed me antibiotics to take orally the firt time and then the second time I was given a shot…. both treatments I was curred in no time… but until recently I feel like im developing the same kind of rash as before and I want to know if maybe perhaps I can take medicine over the counter to save me a trip to the doctors

Symptoms: None at all

Doctor: Hi.I can understand the confusion you and your Doctor has.I have a feeling, if you say you have a reaction to lat ex/condom, it is there.So in such a case, the rule is to stop the allergen (that causes allergy).If there is reaction to condom you have to stop using them and of course anything that has latex. There will be no necessity of any medication at all.If at all you need medicine you can certainly use OTC antihistamine.Sometimes, the lubricant used for condom also can cause allergic reaction, hence you can try different brands and try for it. If a particular one suits, well and good.Hope this helps.