Hi, I get sore bumps on my inner thigh that

Patient: Hi, I get sore bumps on my inner thigh that dont pop or come to a head like a pimple and eventually go away. The thing is…. a few days before one appears i get irritable and my blood doesnt flow normally. My feet and hands get cold out of nowhere,i have panic attacks even while in a great mood. Even more strange is that before getting a bump i feel extremely good for up to an hour. Its like something is dormant in my bloodstream and then passes through and for a short amount of time my blood flows better. Its been happening for years now and no doctors can give me an answer thus far. I know that its something that recurs over and over again. It affects my mood, thinking, sometimes vision gets blurry andalso causes ed. Many more symtoms but it would take me forever to type it all.