Hi, I had a nightmare a few days ago

Patient: Hi, I had a nightmare a few days ago and it’s always on my mind when I think about it I start to freeze up and struggle to breath, the days since I had it I can’t deal with anything with out panic or being terrified like getting out of bed, going in the shower, flushing the toilet stuff like that. I have had it a few times before and it took a while for me to get over it but not the same dream and it’s the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. Is there any thing that will help of or I can do?

Doctor: Hi.It seems you had a night terror. You should talk to a Sleep Doctor who will help you reach a diagnosis.The Sl eep Doctor may ask you to get an EEG done while you are sleeping. This EEG will be able to find the exact time the night terror started. Based on this, the Doctor can start you on treatment or medication to help you.Wish you a quick recovery.