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Hi- I had a uti, Dr prescribed Bactrim DS 800- (I had

Patient: Hi-I had a uti, Dr prescribed Bactrim DS 800-(I had awful response- thyroid was swollen,terrible pain in vagina)Uti cleared, but created b.v.Went to dr, prescribed metrogel-Went back, confirmed b.v. was cleared..(still felt irritation, but better than uti or b.v.)Got period, then a yeast infection- (irritation – some itching- urinary irritation )Used 7 day otc meconizole (sp?) Cream..seemed to help- went back to hard physical activity (bicycling few miles for 5 days) & came back!Used another 7 days of meconizole(sp?) (with diet cutting out all refined sugars, including probiotic bacillius coagulens[sp?], spirulina) cream..seemed to help, but itching still there.period again! (I’m perimenopausal, mild symptoms – with periods becoming more regular than irregular- irregularity was my “norm”)took Diflucan 200mgs. Each day better and better(a few urethra spasms, burning diminishing, itch gone)but still mild irritation on day 7 at the end of the day..just walking around, going to the store-etc-no bike.Question: do yeast infections that linger on and on like this one(6weeks) take time to heal?I feel best without physical activity, rest and heating pad..itch is gone, intense burn is gone, urinary irritation gone..but any friction “down there” (biking, running around with chores, heavy lifting) agitates!Day 5,6,7 of Diflucan I woke up feeling norm, each day better, but still, by afternoon agitation (slight vaginal burn, vaginal irritation with fuller bladder) if I’m too active! Only waking up once at night to pee- normal for me…Is this just healing from yeast infection? Or the whole evil trifecta of uti-bv-yeast where I’m regrowing vaginal skin?(got a yeast culture today to make sure+ regular blood work and urine tests due soon)background: just got pregnancy test at partner-6 years- no sex this entire time(past 3 months)had one uti over 15 years ago (relating to not emptying bladder before sex)One yeast 10 years ago (from amoxicillan)Never had b.v. before!!!what hell!any thoughts are greatly appreciated! !



Symptoms: Slight vaginal agitation(burning) after daily routine- walking around, heavy lifting, etc…after day 7 of diflucan for yeast infection.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read the whole history carefully and understood your concerns.My thoughts.Since your past history of UTI is over 15 years and yeast infection over 10 years, no BV at all till the recent infectionindicates some pre-existing factors:Abstinence form sex changes the pH and internal bacterial flora and hence an opportunistic infection can occur as happened in your case.Diabetes must be ruled out by Blood sugar levels of fasting, post-lunch and random readings as well as HbA1c readings.You gave history of swelling of thyroid: Go for tests of Free T3, Free T4 and TSHOne or more of the above reasons can cause/make lingering of yeast infection possible.Physical activities are increasing the problems, probably due to increased sweating and warmth.All your present symptoms are probably from healing of yeast infection and also healing up too.This also indicates that you should follow few more things:Rest, least physical activities till cured of all three problems.Increased water intake to keep urinary tract flushed well.Local cleaning with plain water 2 to 4 times a day.Continue Probiotics.Take multivitamins and Vitamin A and D in therapeutic dosages if the blood reports show deficiency.Avoid sudden changes of temperature zones.Keep ‘that area’ well aerated.I hope this answers your queries and also helps you further.

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Patient: hey thanks for the quick response!
and I will chill out until im clear – with blood results on the way-ALWAYS good to rule out diabetes!
thanks again!

Doctor: Most welcome.
Take care and get cured soon.
Thanks for appreciation.


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