Hi I had protected sex with my boyfriend

Patient: Hi. I had protected sex with my boyfriend this past Wenesday around 200 pm. He didn’t cum inside me at all. This was my first time having sex and I panicked about pregenancy because my breasts felt a little sore a little while after. So on Thursday I around 8 pm I took the plan B pill. He was messing with my boobs tonight and I noticed the same feeling I got before. Could this be hormones? I’m pretty sure this is way too early for symptoms of a pregnancy. Please help!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThe feeling of painful breasts is too early to be a cause of pregnancy.It takes at least 3 weeks post intercourse to develop such early pregnancy symptoms. This could be related to handling of breasts or the side effect of the pill or even a premenstrual symptom indicating your cycles to arrive soon.In case you miss your cycle, do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards