Hi, I had unprotected sex on February 23

Patient: Hi, I had unprotected sex on February 23 using the withdrawal method. March 10-14 I had a weird period. Normally I have heavy menstruation but this time it was lighter. A little heavier than spotting, but not HEAVY. For the past week or 2 I’ve been having these pregnancy like symptoms & the past 2 days my breast have been sore. My right breast is more sore than the left & is bigger. They both have a tingling or slight pinching sensation every now & then. Also last week I had a increase in vaginal discharge it was clear, but now is back to normal. Could I be pregnant or just over ovulating?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The bleeding that you experienced could be an implantation bleeding or even an ovulatio n bleeding as your intercourse has taken place in your unsafe or fertile period of the cycle. The symptoms also look similar to an early pregnancy.Consider consulting a gynecologist for an examination and a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. If negative, then it could be due to premenstrual syndrome for which nothing much needs to be done.Hope this helped.Regards