Hi, I had unprotected sex on my last

Patient: Hi, I had unprotected sex on my last ovalution day and I had some implantation bleeding like pink discharge it lasted for 4 days and left I start bleeding on the 18th of may and my period wasn’t due until the 26th of may now it’s the 27th and I haven’t saw my period yet I been having pregancy systoms like feeling nausea and bloated with lower back pains can u tell me if I may be pregnant im 2 days late on my period

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have had an unprotected intercourse and it was close to the ovulatory phase, followed by a pink discharge which can be considered as an implantation bleeding, there is a chance of pregnancy. Delay in cycles by 2 days and experiencing early pregnancy symptoms also suggest a possibility towards a pregnancy.Kindly do a urine pregnancy test to confirm the same, if negative repeat the test after a week and consult the gynecologist accordingly for further care.Hope this helped.Regards