Hi I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend day after I ovulated.

Patient: Hi. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend day after I ovulated. He didn’t ejaculate in me, because he pulled out. For nearly two weeks I have been feeling very weird. Emotional and moody I feel cramps in my abdominal, I even feel nausea and I was sick whole day the other day. I did 3 pregnancy tests which came out negative. I am 3 days due my period. Is it possible I am pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query,if you were in your fertile period and you had unprotected intercourse, but your partn er followed the pull-out technique thereby reducing the chances of pregnancy. But there may be a possibility that the pre-cum may also cause pregnancy so considering the possibility the best would be to do a serum beta hCG test which can detect pregnancy even before missed periods. It is more sensitive than the urine pregnancy test which can give false negative result before missed periods. The symptoms that you are experiencing like bloating, mood swings, nausea, headache could be a part of PMS in absence of pregnancy, as these may mimic early pregnancy symptoms. PMS indicates that your menses are to ensue in next few days, so it is suggested that you wait for a week for resumption of menses if serum beta hCG test is negative,Regards