Hi I have a bump on my face sort of

Patient: Hi I have a bump on my face sort of like a pimple only it’s much bigger I was told it was grease I tried squeezing it like you would with a pimple but nothing comes out. I’ve had it for 3 years, it doesn’t get bigger but it doesn’t go away either. How can I get rid of it?

Doctor: Hi. Thank you for writing to us.It does not seem that you have a pimple. A pimple does not last for 3 years and will always have some discharge. It seems more likely that you have a swelling like a cyst or a hemangioma.It is difficult to say exactly what it is without an examination. Do talk to a Doctor to reach a diagnosis. Post this, the Doctor may advise surgery to remove it.All the best. Wish you a speedy recovery.