Hi I have a large swollen lymph node in my

Patient: Hi I have a large swollen lymph node in my neck( cervical mode) I had an ultrasound on it about a month ago but haven’t gotten the results yet. Should I worry? My Dr is off on sympatico until the last of the month

Symptoms: Had a cough for about a year

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and a clear image.This is a large mass and needs to be investigated properly again. You may please consult a General or an ENT Surgeon for a clinical evaluation, investigations and proper treatment.I would advise you in such a situation the following:-FNAC/ Biopsy is a must as this is the only investigations that gives correct and precise diagnosis to start a proper treatment.- Investigations of the blood and urine just support the diagnosis.- X-ray of the chest- Ultrasonography of the abdomen particularly for lymph nodes, liver and spleen enlargement.All these investigations will give us the proper diagnosis and treatment.Hope this helps you

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Patient: Ok am I able to request these tests to be done? Or is it something my doctor should have ordered? Do it matter if it hard?