Hi, I have an Extreme pain before passing feces, I

Patient: Hi, I have an Extreme pain before passing feces, I did have hemmoroids before, I was given a cream for my doctor.The bleeding stopped, and pain went away for awhile. Now it has come back, could I still possibly have it. I pass with ease no pain at all, no bleeding, just before.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for a proper history of bleeding, pain and past history.Let me tell you that the piles (hemorrhoids _ ar e never painful unless thrombosed and then the pain is extreme.Hence there is more chance of a condition called Fissure in ano that you are suffering from. This is a notoriously recurrent condition and need a proper treatment .I would examine the area for a crack in the skin called a fissure and treat you accordingly:- Sitz bath in plain warm water.- Oral laxatives.- High fiber but a full normal diet.A course of an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory medicines to soothe the area.-You may please continue the ointment as already advised.- If the problem is recurrent, I would advise you to get examined under anesthesia and do the procedures as may be necessary on examination.I hope this answer helps you.